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Writers go by many names these days; we are many “types” and offer many services. Where once upon a time there were relatively few “kinds” of writers, the invention of the internet has grown the business and created new needs and niches as it has opened new fields and opportunities, as well as new writing specialties.

As good as this has been for both writers and clients, its can all be very confusing, too. This is especially true if this is your first time seeking to hire a writer. How do you know what type of writer you need? Am I the right writer for you? Do I offer the type of writing service you need? Is your project within my scope of content writing services?

Let me first try to make this simple: more than likely, YES!

I have a range of experience spanning a range of projects and within a range of content writing services. These often include related services, too. I offer writing services that include (but are not limited to):

Now let me see if I can break this down a little more specifically for you.


As a content writer I handle many kinds of projects, but usually when we say “content” we are talking about something like articles or blog posts, perhaps even reports. The aim of these types of projects is to build pieces that inform and engage your audience and clientele. Website content writing projects can either be your product, or support your product by educating and informing your buying public, and also by showing you as the authority and resource that you are. In addition to helping build your website, they are also used as a marketing funnel to bring people closer, and eventually to, buying your product or engaging with your business.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO writing, is the practice of incorporating practices specifically known to help content pieces such as web pages, blog posts, or articles to rank well in search engine results. Purposeful, strategic SEO practices are what gets your individual pages and pieces of content ahead on the list of results and what make it possible for you and your business to be found. For more than 13 years I have undertaken countless SEO-focused projects and pages. Contact me to learn more about what SEO content writing is and how I can incorporate search engine optimization writing to either boost an existing website or build a website with legs from the ground up.

Let Me Help! Writing Services:


Content Writing

Search-Engine Optimized Writing

Website Writing


Social Media Writing

Social Media Marketing Services

Specialty Writing

Local Business Writing

Farm & Agriculture Writing


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Need help writing a website? Not sure where to start? Existing website not performing? Maybe in need of an edit or an update? Maybe your site isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have the kind of targeted, optimized content it needs to make Google take notice?

This is where I come in, your website text writer. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of website writing needs, I can help...whether for a run-through improvement edit or to work with you and script the whole site for you. Incidentally, I can even help and/or arrange formatting and building for your new or existing website on some of the more popular website platforms.


Copywriting is a term frequently used interchangeably with content writing. While that doesn’t offend me, they really are slightly different, but very related, types of writing. Copywriting is aimed more towards marketing, description, products, sales, and service and can be for publication online or off. Whether you need a content writer vs. a copywriter is often a fine line and often projects overlap. Online copywriting, too, is best when it incorporates good SEO copywriting practices. Yes; I can help here, too.

How Can I Help? Project Examples:


Website Articles

Blog Posts

Website Pages



Sales Pages

Landing Pages

Product Descriptions

Keyworded Content

Keyworded Product Descriptions

Social Media Posts

Content Production Ideas

Editorial Calendars/Schedule

Production Consulting




Cover Letters


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Social media...the promotion tool of businesses small and large. Among the biggest challenges of social media for business, especially for small businesses, local businesses, and farms, is that it’s a time vortex. Almost every small business owner I talk to knows regular, strategic social media needs to be part of their business plan. And they know they either haven’t the time, knowledge, or interest in making it happen. Let me work with you as your social media writer or social media manager—either to get you started or keep you running.


I’ve a soft spot in my heart for the continued success of local businesses (in every locale, not just in my hometown!). I’ve a huge soft spot right in my core for farming and sustainable agriculture that starts down deep in my roots!

It’s been a dream for some years now for me to be able to put my website and content writer services to work to build up local businesses of small and medium size. My background with local businesses and in farming puts me in a unique position with a unique collection of experiences. Head over to the Local Business Writing or Farm & Ag Writing services page for more information.


Are you an individual looking for help writing your cover letter or resume? Striving for that dream jopb? Or maybe just the next best step? I can help.

Does your business need to fill a gap or undertake a special project? Maybe looking for a little extra help for some targeted projects? Maybe yours could use the help of a standby press release writer, grant writer, copywriter, or writer for larger eBook, book, manual, or in-house publication. Does your business need to update or write employment documents, policy publications, training modules, or handbooks?

Not every business has the in-house staff to handle the in-house load. Hire a freelance writer or ghostwriter to lift the load and fill the personnel gaps. Yes, I can help.

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Make your life easy. Contact Me today and we’ll talk over why you are looking to hire a professional writer in the first place. Odds are I can help. I accept both ongoing projects and large orders as well as single pieces.

Let’s work together for you!

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