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Opportunities for farmers and ag business owners to hire writers with real-world farm experience—those who have actually worked on farms and for related agribusinesses—are few. Owing to both my early upbringing and my current lifestyle, I believe I am uniquely positioned to combine my experience as a content and website writer with my knowledge and experience of farming and related business and deliver content and copy to you that is worthy of your business and conveys the message that you need it to convey, from one who understands your agribusiness.

Born and raised on a Massachusetts dairy farm, I was immersed in the culture and lifestyle from my earliest years. In addition to later employment on other local farms and for related retail and agriculturally-based businesses, I have maintained valued relationships and strong ties with local farmers and producers. I continue to live in a community rich in agricultural history as well as current local farm resources—the type of place I always see myself living, and a lifestyle that keeps me up-to-date and immersed in current events and ag culture.

As a wife and mother, I am also a customer of local farms and producers, taking great advantage of their many resources to compliment what my family and I are not growing ourselves here on our small modern homestead. I am so very lucky to live in a place where I can literally stop on my way to the school bus for farm-fresh produce, meat, eggs, and dairy (to name a few!).


All of this lends me a unique position of experience as not only a farm producer, but as a farm consumer. For you, that means that not only can I write knowledgably as a freelance agriculture writer, but I can write with the perspective of your customers, present and future, in mind. Because I am a consumer of today’s local farm buying public, I know a lot about what those customers who are interested and committed to local food buying are looking for. Because I am “one of you”, I understand much about what motivates you and what you are working to achieve as farmer and producer. I can bring together both ends of this message to not only optimize and help your business and products sell, but also to educate the buying public to build an even larger base of customers for the long term.

I understand the farm to table movements, the benefits of organic farming and produce production, the balance of conscientiously raised foods that help farms strike the balance between good sustainable practices, product affordability and profitability. I know why local food is important and why supporting local farms through patronage matters and how that impacts our local open spaces, economies, and communities. I know a lot about food trends and about how to help people incorporate them as they embrace the benefits of what is often a more time commitment and financial commitment, even when they understand the necessity of it. I understand that when we make your presence known and educate your buying public we can help your customers overcome the hurdles to better eating and better living.


I offer a number of farm writing and related services to help you establish, enhance, and maintain not only your online presence, but offline communications and functional ag business needs as well. This includes any and all General Writing Services, but with a personalization and focus on your unique farm or agricultural enterprise. Among those services are:

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Farm Website Writing

Farm & Ag Search Engine Optimization

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  • Farm website writing services
  • Farm and Ag Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO keyword research and planning for farms and ag businesses
  • Farm and Agriculture-related content writing services
  • Ag and Farm product copywriting
  • Email and correspondence campaigns
  • Promotional literature for farm events
  • Announcements and press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Administrative assistance
  • Farm grant writing services
  • Social Media Marketing and Management Campaigns for Farms & Ag Businesses

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Keyworded Product Descriptions

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Farm Content Production Consulting

Researched SEO Reports

Farm Web Store Copywriting

Farm Grant Applications

Farm Social Media Campaign Management


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My approach as a freelance agriculture writer and social media manager is two-fold. With equal weight, I develop copy that accurately and attractively markets your farm and/or its products, but also educates consumers as to why it is worth their while to support local farms and agribusinesses. I believe that consumer education is a critical component in successful farm marketing today, and my complete goal is providing information and content that educates, building a larger customer base, while optimizing your site or materials to produce content that establishes your ongoing presence and visibility.


Understanding the pressing, 24/7 nature of running a farm, I also understand that sometimes what you need is just an extra pair of hands—someone to help you check those things off your list that are, while of vital importance, a little less important than matters of weather, life, and limb. No matter what those pieces are, hiring a freelance writer can be one of your ag business solutions. Let me help you bridge those gaps, and fill in the blanks that are so hard to find the time to fill.


Today’s social media platforms give farms and agribusinesses an accessible way to reach out and connect with their buying public. Free and low-cost social media solutions are one of the most obvious and workable ways to affordably advertise your business, but also to point more business to you, online and off. However, they can also be time consumers, and we know that time is the most precious commodity on the farm. Staying connected to your clientele and connecting with new clientele via social media is of utmost importance of you want to be found and compete in today’s consumer marketplace (and in this respect, your competition is not only other farms and producers, but often moreover, large commercial retailers, producers, and grocers).

Whether you need help simply to develop a plan for effective social media management, or you need someone to take the reins so that you know this important base remains covered, I am here to help. I will develop a program of social media marketing that incorporates your message and current farm events with consumer education, news, and views, and work with you to build a social community around your farm and social media accounts. As with all my writing services, we can work together to create a package and a strategy that works for you, both in terms of management and content creation and in terms of budgeting.


Because my heart truly is in helping farms access the ag business solutions they need to be present in the online world, I offer flexible budgeting and project planning to better suit your personal farm budget. I want to make it possible for you to access the writing services you need to promote your business, products, and ag business. Please refer to published rates here as an estimate and guideline, but please also CONTACT ME for a more personalized quote, and so that we can talk about ways to make this freelance agriculture writing service workable for you. There are many ways that I can design YOUR personal farm package, including developing a long-term strategy of affordable content production, consultation to guide you, and/or payment and budgeting plans.


My virtual door is always open. I am committed both personally and professionally to helping build up agriculture in this state and in this country. I’d love nothing more than to help build your farm or ag business, online and off, and to help you utilize this important tool to reach the customer base that will patronize and support your farm, and help you to achieve your desired level of sustainable business via a reliable customer base. I’m only a phone call or a simple email away. Please reach out to me today, and let’s start talking about what I can do to support you and your farm with these social media and farm writing services.

Let’s work together for you and your farm, for its future!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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