General Writing Services Overview

Generally speaking, I have a lot to offer in terms of project type and scope within my writing business. With more than 13 years of experience in website, content, eBook, and book writing, copywriting, sales and marketing correspondence, for sites large and small, on both trending and niche topics, the list of general writing services and project possibilities is long.

Farm & Agriculture Writing Services

Born and raised on a Massachusetts dairy farm (and very proud to say so), with experience working for a number of local producers and agribusinesses, I have a unique perspective to bring to your farm and ag writing and website projects. With an understanding as both consumer and producer, it's a perspective few others can claim, but one I'm eager to put to work for you!

Local Business Writing Services

Local Search Engine Optimization and local business writing are two sides of the same coin. Since it's hard to be one without being the other, I offer both services to businesses in the Hardwick, MA and Central MA area. I  believe deeply in the community-building  importance of local business. I'd love to see how we can work together to build yours!

Social Media & Marketing Services

Social Media and Social Media Marketing is that most useful of free and low-cost services that we all KNOW we need to do more of, but that is just so easy to let fall away. After all, sometimes priorities dictate that something has to give. This often comes at the detriment of your business. Your competition is using it, and so you need to be, too! If time's too tight or thoughts fail you, I'm here.

"Absolutely terrific work. An excellent writer who put a lot of time and thought into the gig. Most highly recommended!"
--BHodges, Client via


"Very generous with her thought and time!"
--BHodges, Client via


Since 1993

Eager To Learn More About Your Farm or Business!

One of the best things about ghostwriting, website and content writing, and writing for local businesses, is that I get to help people overcome the obstacles that overwhelm them and hold their farms and businesses back. If that sounds cliche, perhaps it is, but cliches exist because they are true.

I enjoy writing my own books, websites, and projects because people have an interest in the experience and knowledge I've collected. I enjoy putting that skill to work for farmers, local businesses, and entrepreneurs because the success of others, and, I admit, farms and local businesses in particular, is important to me.

Mary Ward Content Writer Hardwick MA

I believe in communities supporting and helping each other. I believe that investing in local businesses is important to our communities. I believe local, fresh food is a thing of beauty and importance. And I believe I have a skill set and breadth of experience that can help you and your business, website, or farm, regardless of your needs. Small and large projects welcome. Whether an ongoing relationship or a one-off request to help fill a need, I look forward to hearing your story, learning about your business, and finding the way or ways that I can put my skills to work for you to help it succeed.

How Can I Help?

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